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Vindelfjällen One of largest protected areas in Europe. Covers most of the mountains surrounding Hemavan.

Den virtuella floran
Very nice site where all Swedish plants are presented with photos. Much information about each species, for instance their names in English, German and all Nordic languages. Unfortunately the information is only in Swedish, but all species can be searched with their scientific names.
Svenska Turistföreningen
440 km long track from Hemavan in the south to Abisko in the north.
Västerbotten Direkt
Good information site on the "complete county".
Storumans Kommun
The county of the botanical garden.
Tärnafjällens Turistbyrå
Useful information for You that plan to visit the area in which the Alpine Botanical Garden are situated.
Sveriges Botaniska förening
Non-profitable, national society caring for botanic interest.

Umeå Universitet
University that gives courses in systematic botany.
Hemavans Kursgård
Hostel with plenty of beds.
Camera Arborea
Site with pictures of many alpine plants.

The sign of the Hemavan alpine botanical garden.
The Worlds Northernmost Alpine Botanical ...
Vandring i Vindelfjällen 28 juli - 6 augusti 2000
Blomsterkungen 2007
En försmak av fjällets flora

The eastern, shaded side of the ridge with its cultivation areas in timbered boxes.
A rare species of saxifrage, Saxifraga paniculata ssp. paniculata, that can be found in the botanical garden.


View of Hemavan from Gieravado. Photo Katarina Winka

Hemavan-Tärnaby Turistbyrå
Naturum Vindelfjällenn
Lapland 4U
Vindelfjällen - Europas största naturreservat
Café Stella Polaris