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Other Botanical Sites in
Hemavan, Sweden


The flowering mountain Gierravardo is a relatively low mountain that is quiet easy to access and therfor well suited for day trips. The mountain can be reached from several trails but the most popular one stars at Portbron, 5 km to the south of Hemavan along the Blue Highway E12.

The bedrock of Gierravardo mostly consists of limestone, giving it an exciting flora with among others many orchid species. On the steep and stony parts of the southern peak Purple saxifrage (Saxifraga oppositifolia), Yellow saxifrage (Saxifraga aizoides), Dropping saxifrage (Saxifraga cernua), Tufted saxifrage (Saxifraga groenlandica), Alpine rock-cress (Arabis alpina), (Arenaria norvegica), (Pestasites frigidus), (Trisetum spicatum) and (Veronica fruticans), with its deep blue flower, can bee found. Nearby you can also find both Alpine gentian (Gentiana nivalis) and Alpine speedwell (Veronica alpina). The Alpine gentian (Gentiana nivalis) only opens its deep blue flowers when the temperature reaches above 10 deegres C. When a cloud covers the sun the flower can quickly close it self and become invisible for the eye.


Northwest of Hemavan lies the mountain range Artfjället, a free lying part of the Vindelfjällen nature preservation area. As well as the mountain Gierravardo the bedrock of mount Artfjället also consist of limestone, there fore many species among others the endemic Brudkulla (Gymnadenia runei) can bee found here.


Rönäs is one of the best spots for hikes into the area. From the parking lot at the spectacular Ruttjebäcken with its giant bowls that is flushed out by the water, a trail leads up on the mountain. Further into the area caves are found.



Another peak rich in limestone is Dalåive 1325 m.a.s. A step trail starts at Sånninggården, Klippen (approx 7 km north of Hemavan). Distance approx 10 km back and forth.


Atoklimpen is a very special mountain both in terms of geology and history. The mountain lies as a lump on flatter ground south of Joeström. It consists of the mineral Serpentine which is transformed into among other asbestos, when worn down by water and snow, which is poisonous to flowers. Because of that only certain species occurs on the mountain and often in special subspecies.

Historically Atoklimpen has been a holy mountain for the Sami living in the area. Ato means “that one”, because the mountain was holy and could not bee mentioned by name. Here the Sami sacrificed to there Gods and had a construction (rengärde) for gathering reindeers.




The rare orchid Brudkulla Gymnadenia runei) blooms in the middle of July on a few sites at the mountain Artfjället.
A group of brave hikers climbing the mountain Gieravardo during a guided tour. Notice how everyones´eyes are fixed upon the ground vegetation!

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