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How to get to the Alpine Botanical Garden in Hemavan, Sweden

The garden is situated on the mountain slope above the golden tower in Tärna Fjällpark.

When entering Hemavan on road E12 (Blå vägen) turn right between FBU-gården (STF's youth hostel) and Värdshuset, and follow the signs to Tärna Fjällpark and Hemavans Högfjällshotell. Beneath the tower there is a parking lot where You can park Your vehicle. Inside the tower there is a elevator that takes You up to the cupola from where a bridge leads out in the garden. This makes it possible also for You that use a wheel chair to visit the garden. The elevator is accessible during daytime. You can also get up to the garden by walking a few hundred meters on Kungsleden, that starts from the parking lot, or by walking a path that starts behind the white brick wall left of the tower.

Road Description
The path on the steep slope above the Fjällparken building-a suitable alternative for anyone with a fear of elevators.

Map over Hemavan

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The Alpine gentian with its intense blue colour is rather common on lime-rich soils in the scandinavian mountain chain

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