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Guided tours in the Alpine Botanical Garden in Hemavan, Sweden

Guided tours in the garden

are offered daily during the summer season at 10.00 and at 16.00. During the tour you have the chance to learn a little more than just the names of the plants. The tour will take about one hour and the price for one person over fifteen years of age is 60 SEK, including the entrance fee. Discount for groups (if you are five persons, you pay for four).  Welcome!

Meeting place for the guided tours:
By the Naturum tent at the ground floor in Fjällparken.
Naturum +46 (0) 73 0827144 or Tärnaby Tourist Information, phone + 46 (0) 954 10450 http://www.hemavantarnaby.se

The founder of the garden, Olof Rune together with two of the guides, Pontus and Lina. Photo: Åsa Nyberg


Guided tours at the flower mountain Gieravardo

are offered Mondays in   July untill beginning of August by the guides from the garden. The walk is fairly easy and takes five to six hours. The price is 100 SEK for persons over 15 years old. Bring something to eat and drink and something to sit on.

Meeting place: at 10.00 hrs at naturum visitors center. Pre-registration is recommended.



The Golden Tower in Hemavan
Photo: Andreas Barth

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